Silk Screen Equipment


Hello! My name is Cora and I just found out about maker space this month!

In school I learned how to screen print and used the emulsion and light exposure table process along with vaccuum tables and drying racks. To burn the art onto our screens we would print 100% black on clear film on large inkjet printers. We had a pretty great studio and was sad once I graduated knowing I wouldn’t have access to that equipment anymore.

What sort of screen printing equipment is at the makerspace for screen printing? I’m going to be coming on a tour next Thursday and I’m so excited that this exists! Also looking forward to meeting other screen printing people. :smile:


@Team_Printmaking, I think this one is for you.


We have a great printmaking group whom are currently expanding in tools and members so you’re joining at the best time!

If they’re here, look for Paul (@Hardsuit) or Astrud (@Print_Witch) during or after your tour and they’ll explain how you too can become a print monkey


Astrud and I will be in the Creative Arts meeting tonight starting at 7pm.