Silicone molds to ceramic molds

What process would you use? Plaster or resin to make a master from the silicone mold?

I would use pottery plaster to make the mold for the slip, but what would you use for the intermediate step, positive form of the vessel to make the plaster mold with?

I have 3D printed objects (poly printer) and coated in resin to get a super smooth surface and had decent results from that. Resin print would probably be better/easier. Really any smooth/non-pourous surface should work ok as long as you use mold release.


If you’re concerned the plaster mold may get damaged over time, I would “over engineer” the master copy.

Personally I would go low shrinkage high durability like

If you have time M-F normal business hours, I would go down the street to Reynolds Advanced Materials, Dallas

Can get hands on with the products and ask questions.

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Oh excellent point, thank you