Side Table Modification

I have a side table that I would like to shorten and am looking for some advice on how to do it. I was planning on removing the portion between the yellow lines in the photo and then using a dowel to join the two halves. Would that be strong enough or is there a better way to do it.

Interesting problem…

  1. Can you show a pic(s) of where the table meets the base (i.e. above what’s in the current pic)?

  2. No matter how you proceed, how are you planning to make the cut(s)?

  3. How are you planning to make sure new surfaces to be joined are dead flat so that joint isn’t apparent?

A common solution is to use a threaded rod in the center with a washer and nut on each end. The center is most likely already hollow. If not, the turning crew could probably help you drill a hole.

  1. Here is the picture. I thought it would be easier to cut the top off but the cross pieces are screwed and glued in on.

  2. This was going to be my next question. I was planning on a hand saw and being very careful :grimacing:

  3. I was thinking about using the drill press with a forsner bit.

Curses! Foiled again. A shame, as that spot would be most hidden.

Oh god…no! Think about using a bandsaw along with a custom sled with a runner/rail on the bottom and some appropriately sized (height) “V” shaped holders that can secure pieces at right angle to blade. The sled will take longer to design and make than everything else, sadly.

edit: I was assuming that table can disassemble at all? Can it? Otherwise, yeah…hand saw. Still need to make sure table is clamped and unmovable while sawing (not that easy)

That might work…would need a really big Forstner bit, though and a drill press with a lot of Z-axis clearance.

Some form of sander is probably your best bet.

I think SWA is on right track here. I’d tray and couple this with some threaded inserts:

Another concept is to explore something that spreads the load.

Only you know how strong the connection might need to be. Use your Search Fu and search on threaded rod mounting plate at DuckDuckGo