Show and Tell November 2022

Honestly cut foam isn’t what I’d use for a shadowbox display. What were you thinking of framing, it’s my 9 to 5 job so I have tons of experience with this kind of thing.

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Not a display. Shadow boxing my tool box as you did your guns. Shadow boxing is the tech term often used for what you have done. I have purchased Kaisen foam and have found it very difficult to do a clean and professional looking job by hand cutting.

Me three! Project class, pretty please… Yeah, I’m thinking pistols, too, but also camera gear, electronics, precision tools, etc. Make it any evening but a Tuesday and I’m game! :grin:

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I set up a new doorbell for our mountain home. Doesn’t actually ring (yet) but it’ll still make some noise.


Made from laser cut plywood and a broken 1930’s #1 Victor Stop-loss trap.


Did some barn-building today. Installed three horse stalls in our new barn, thanks to several friends who helped out.


Found an IRBM (little cousin of an ICBM) at a scrap yard the other day. This thing was designed to carry a 3.5Ton nuclear warhead and travel over 2,500 miles! It even has the complete rocket assembly - just no guts (because otherwise someone crazy enough could actually launch it!!) Guy is selling it for 25k. One of 7 but in amazing condition and comes with a Certificate of authenticity from Raytheon. I’m hoping I can part this out for the Smusher or use part of it some day.


Ive been wondering who stole my missile… :rofl:

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And who castrated Tim’s rocket? That was his path to secede from the union and assert global domination.

Christmas presents for friends and family in Colorado…
the inlays and inlay templates were made with the laser… it was a great learning experience and I had to adjust my process with the router and bushings to make my pockets…


Thanks to Dan, Nadia, Megan and Mikael for making some polymer art in my class this evening!!


This is a bike shipping box I made a few years ago. Recently added wheels and a handle. Used the plasma cutter to make some stainless steel backing plates for the plastic wheel housing, bent them on the little brake in machine shop. Used a mill to drill holes to align with wheel housing. @got_tools inspired me to laser cut a router guide to cut the slots for the handle. The lines are guide marks to align the template with the box. Handscrews were used to make a support fixture and clamp the template to the bike box.

Its made of 4mm Bubble-X, strong and lightweight, the box weighs 15lbs, less than any hard case bike box I could find and small enough to fit in the trunk of my daughters car. Fits an XL full suspension or hardtail bike


Test printing one of the designs for the 4 color printing class on December 3rd. Finished up with 35 cards.

Final result:

Some of the in progress work:


That is some interesting material. Is there a local source? Ballpark idea what it costs?

I got it at Laird plastics but its showing out of stock. Laird

$82 4x8x4mm

I think Regal plastics or Royal plastics had something similar but much thicker like 8-10mm

Finally Done.
Thanks DMS for giving me a space to work on this, and everyones help in the process.

Now we just need to get a place where I can paint so Im not making my neighbors mad with the smell.
Oh and a spot to sand aluminum.


My first furniture build was a super fun challenge and l’m really thrilled with the results. I just love the mid-century style and the way the natural character of the wood really pops!

Design by Lasy Guy DIY for The Builders Challenge Season 10. Tambour door plans from Fine Woodworking Magazine

Handmade from solid European Beech (purchased from Dakota Premium Hardwoods), accents stained with Perma-Chink Systems Lifeline Interior and Acrylic, finished with Walrus Oil.


Wow that’s stunning

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30” diameter California Redwood and grey tinted epoxy wall art piece finished up over the break


While visiting my dad, I spent some time refinishing the front doors to his house. No maintenance had been done on them in almost 20 years. The finish was gone and the wood was very weathered.

Three full hours of power and hand sanding and four coats of clear Spar varnish brought them back.

Here’s a “during” shot: first door done, 2nd about to be removed.


Beautiful work Mike! I’m sure your dad was very pleased.