Show and Tell February 2021

A Call to Fellowship

We gain inspiration from our fellow makers. Post a description and a photo or 2 of anything you are working on this month at the 'Space (or wherever) in this thread!

It can be anything from a small craft project to a large CNC router project to building a table to 3D printing to a science experiment and so much more. Most of us never get to see the cool things people do at DMS all the time.

Posting here could inspire others to make something, helps our Public Relations team provide a look at what can be done at DMS on a blog post or other social media (with attribution to each maker of course).

:bulb: Please try to include the following on each post, to help make for richer social media content:

  • a quality PHOTO
  • a notation about WHAT you have made
  • WHO you are (for attribution on the blog & other social media)
  • HOW you made it
  • and WHY

Crochet Casual Bernie made by @alexandcolesmom


Made a SVG version of the DMS logo for Black History Month, for consideration for the unofficial discord server. (3.8 KB)


@kpblitzen42 and I are trying to learn new cusswords. So, we are revamping a bag of broken bits formed into a giant log aka a Class A RV. This week we finished with wallpaper (never again will I buy such garbage…but it looks good) and putting down truly inexpensive flooring that looks pretty awesome if you ask me.

My goal was to get just the slide out complete for our first camping trip. I will post another picture when I get that area complete so you can all publicly question my aesthetic tastes. It’s all for fun and the RV should reflect that.

I’ll try to do a progress picture every month so I have some sort of pressure.

Here’s the before:
Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 9.06.19 AM

Here’s the now without the flooring:

Not seen: Very simple collapsable table I found on Marketplace, chairs, drapery (on it’s way), fold down futon (in the garage currently), and I guess this picture is pre-flooring…but it looks good I assure you.

What have we done?:

  • Ripped out all the furniture
  • Started painting the cabinets - properly not quick at all (ugh)
  • Ripped out all of the carpet (not a job for the faint of heart)
  • Taken out the…I’m not sure what they are called valances I suppose the puffy things around a window that are just super dated
  • Taken down really expensive solar blinds and cleaned them and now I’m questioning putting them back up
  • Worked on the engine
  • Cussed the engine
  • Tried to figure out how we could set it on fire and blame lightning
  • Put up some swank but shit wallpaper
  • Tried in desperation to remove some of the wood flooring (working with an oscillating tool with no movement SOOOO much glue)
  • Sealed the floors
  • Started replacing some of the lighting

Between trying to sell a home, find a home, working full time, tending to family, and general life it’s hard to dedicate time to work on this beast. It’s going slow. SLOOOWW.

If anyone has some ideas about how to remove the wood floors please share


If there was carpet over this it probably it a composite decking. What are you putting on top of it?

I wish I had a picture - this is in the kitchen section…everything else was this mauve carpet action that hadn’t been vacuumed proper in 20 years.
Real wood flooring - glued onto a cheaper panel and that’s slathered in glue onto the “sub floor” although I don’t think it’s technically called that. It LOOKS like you could just hammer it out with a prybar and something to be angry about but it’s a brick of glue and either I’m not strong enough or it’s just a solid brick of hellfire. I’ve tried getting an osculating tool under it but it’s not budging. I’ve tried to slice down into it…that I need better tools to do. I’m at a loss and I don’t have pictures to share right now so I just sound like I’m on a rant.

I’m betting on heat. Probably a heat gun or blowtorch (but heat gun is more non-pro friendly).

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Generative Design shelf brackets resin printed


My first finished piece of ceramic came out of the glaze kiln today!

It’s a little crooked and the glaze was a little grainy so there’s a couple “pokeys” that means it’s probably not food safe, so trinket bowl it is, but that’s okay. We all gotta start somewhere, right? :blush:


I finished three quilts in the last couple of weeks.

First one is a retirement gift for a friend. It’s only been seven months since he did so… He has a “thing” for wolves, so it is made from a pile of wolf panels I found (large pictures printed on fabric). The kaleidoscope effect four patches were made by stacking four panels, whacking them into pieces, then sewing the individual stacks of pieces into blocks. A fifth panel was incorporated into the back of the quilt, so you can see what created the front.

The second is a fairly simple quilt for the grandson of a good friend. It was made from a big pile of flannel fat quarters I had acquired some years ago for next-to-nothing. I had planned to use a pattern, and pieced all the blocks according to the pattern, but when I put it up on the design wall, meh… So pulled the blocks off the wall and started slapping them up in a pattern of my own doing. Which I liked better than the original pattern, but was not all that excited about. Now that it’s been quilted and washed, and it’s all soft and poufy, I find I like it a lot! Handed it off to grandma tonight.

The last one started with a fabric panel featuring vintage Farmall tractor illustrations and advertising slicks. The husband of a good friend is an avid vintage Farmall tractor collector. I thought “Hey! a little quilt for Jim!” Then promptly misplaced the fabric. When it resurfaced recently, I began second-guessing my “quilt for Jim” plan, as he is married to a quilter. So is a quilt a good thing to saddle him with? Asked Marie, who advised me to make it as a Covers for Kids quilt. (donated to charities). So I began cutting up the panel parts and planning a layout. This guy turned out to be one of those annoying projects that talks/whines to me CONSTANTLY. Whining about wanting pieced stars to fill the blank spots. Sashing. More color. Pittooee. By the time I finished, I had invested three days in the piecing process. So I contacted Marie and inquired whether one of the tractor clubs might like it for a fundraiser item once they are able to meet again. She thought that was a good idea - until she showed my photo to Jim. Who decided he wanted it. So it’s going to it’s original intended recipient! Yippee!

I did the piecing on all three projects at various retreat days at the Best Little Retreat Center in Texas here in Dallas. The quilting was also done there, by renting time on one of the owners computer-guided longarm quilting machines. (which is a lot harder than it sounds…)


What glaze did you use? It’s very pretty

I used the celadon glaze in “rainforest” :slight_smile:

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Cute bowl!

Beautiful quilts! I hope you think about entering in the state fair this year. Even with C19 they still have the creative arts competition.

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Today’s work. Feel like I am getting better. Still making a few mistakes here and there. Recovered from most of them.


Those are very nice! What’s your sanding/finishing process for the acrylics?

Thank you. I sand to 600grit then wet sand with Micro-mesh from 1500 - 12000.

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Prototype for a first of twelve ornaments I’m preparing for a class in July (Christmas in July). Veneered woods 4" tall. Weighs only 0.2 ounces so it won’t bring the tree down.