Show and Tell August 2021

Thank you! 3x obsidian under 3x smokey merlot coming in clutch. Based on my brushing layers, which are a little on the thin side as much as I try to glop it on like the cool kids.


Thanks! She’s watertight and the spout pours well and everything.

I’m gonna make some matching tea cups for her, too. Turn it into a tea set.


nice sounds like a good idea

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00 IMG_2277b_600px

I know what you all are wondering and the answer is … Yes! Of course they do.

Designed in Fusion 360. Brass turnings on my Taig lathe (comparable to Sherline). (The end caps thread on - #00-90 or #0-80 threads depending on clamp size). For scale, the yellow square is 1".

01 IMG_1814x

3D-printed in castable wax resin (Elegoo Mars 2 Pro / Jewelry committee)

Bronze casting (blue caster in Jewelry)

Drilled/tapped/machined (Sherline mill)
04 IMG_2183b_600px

Buffed, polished in preparation for chemical blackening.

Then blackened, re-buffed/polished, and assembled.


Only Chris would make small C-clamps instead of using micrometers like everyone else!

Fantasy work … where’s the pipe wrench for the small sink you made? You really should start a YouTube channel. Just doing the tooling for you projects would be a big draw.


Cut and set a lapis in a vintage belt buckle I picked up recently.


I turned this vase with a purple inlay. It’s my first time trying to do an inlay and I think it turned out pretty good


I also resin printed the holding fixture. Using a Fusion 360 combine/cut operation, I cut the model out of a block, split it into two parts, then printed it as a holding fixture. It had to be scaled and tweaked (Dremel), and it wasn’t perfect but it was a great starting point to hold the clamps vertical in the vise while I drilled/tapped them.

Not suitable for large scale machining but adequate for miniatures.


Very cool! Totally reminds me of Obad-Hai in GreyHawk back in D&D 3rd Edition


Macrocrystalline class results are in! This one turned out to be a more educational round than in the past and we have some changes lined up to increase our success rate even more. These pots have to be fired on stands due to the lack of alumina and subsequent runniness so fun torch time is in our future, yay flame.

For more photos, check out this post:


Cool, thank you for teaching these. It’s interesting to see how different the colors and crystals turn out based on clay surface, mixing, application and firing schedule. “Old” buddy on the left, and freshly baked shell on the right. (Also, the glaze on the rim is different, Mayco Birch and Amaco downpour).


I’ve finished my book upcyle:


If it’s transparent other than the nickle backing, try laying a strip of LED lighting under the bottom in the wood channel and edge lighting it.

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Wow, I love that! Great book, too.

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Haven’t posted in a while. Here is a simple marquetry piece I’m finishing up. Bubinga, Walnut, Curly maple and dyed maple - 11x17".


Remember these from the May Show & Tell:

Well the contractor has gotten to the point of installing the two 3’ x 9’ doors. Here’s where they ended up:


So cool! All the pieces will be featured at the Texas State Fair, the budai got first place in the raku division:)