Shout out to Pyrofest

Oh what a wonderful weekend!

Explosions and explosions and explosions and BBQ! I can’t say enough good about Pyrofest run by @Lampy and @Nick
I saw 3D printed firework tips and things exploding and sounds and blah and blah and blah

Get your calendar out and block out the October date in Caddo Mills if you know what’s good for you!
@motopilot @Josh_Melnick @FairieCyanide @kpblitzen42 John Tummel and @RossD

Be on the lookout for the next invite!
@heyheymama @brsims @Adam_Oas @mreynolds @PearceDunlap @themitch22 @frank_lima


Few pics


Coconut bombs?

They were 2" ball shells for a 12" Shell of Shells @Nick made. Worked pretty great. These just needed to be reprimed to make sure they all lit.

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