Shipping slab to Louisiana

What is the most cost efficient way to ship a slab? I can make the LxW whatever is best, but the slab is 10’x2’ and 2 inches thick. I could just slap a shipping label on it and let it ride, or I could shorten it to 7’11" to get it under irregular shipping. I can also brace it up and ship it cargo.

Anyone have insight into shipping a piece of live edge pecan to a neighboring state?

When I had to ship some really large items, I went through Fastenal (yes they do shipping).

It might work for you, it might not but they always ended up being the cheapest for me.

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I can recommend fastenal as well. Great way for goods to get handled by people who actually care.


I guess I’ll have to look for the second best way to ship it…

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Well, damn.

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Might try contacting Marc Oxford at Navis Pack & Ship.

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