Shiny electroplate?

Has anyone had any luck getting a shine on their electroplated parts?

The trick to a deep shine for Chrome Plating is:

  1. First you should Nickel Plate your part
  2. Buff it
  3. Thoroughly clean it
  4. Then Chrome Plate
  5. Buff it again

With proper surface prep and bath control, electroless nickel is probably shiny enough. That’s what’s used to make “fake chrome” on plastic salt shakers, etc. Depending on your substrate, it may require copper plating first.

I have seen the copper plating we have available here at the space, and honestly, while it’s an interesting learning forum - it’s atrocious looking. Any commercial plater that yielded those results would be out of business. I suspect, but do not know, that we re-use the plating solution and that it is highly contaminated.