Sherline Parallel suffers a mauling

Just to say that yesterday while working on the Sherline mill with some small brass pieces, I had a little mishap in which one of the 3/4" x 1/16" parallel bars was “mauled”. I will source or make a replacement pair.



If you figure out a way to do this, please keep me in mind. I am in a similar situation having lost one of my 1/2" x 1/16" (personal) parallels. And it seems like that’s the one I always need … The only thing I can find as a replacement is a complete set.

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Late to the party but Starrett Precision Ground Flat Stock may be a quick fix. You do not have to harden it. Comes in 18" & 36" lengths.
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Great suggestion! Best way to cut it?

Horizontal bandsaw. Finish with the mill if you have OCD like me. Deburr and call it a day. Don’t think a surface grinder is called for. Side note. I make a bunch of aluminum
parallels for non-critical applications so that if I miscalculate I can just toss the mangled
parallel. I make a couple of very shallow finishing passes with a sharp flycutter and mike out the results to make sure that they are “acceptable”.

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