Sherline lathe training needed

I got my door fob this morning and saw 2 manual lathes similar to what I used back in school and 2 Sherline lathes without chucks and tool holders etc near the machines.

I understand it is required to have training prior to using the Sherlines. It is tough to have an one-on-one training under current COVID conditions. So, I watched this Youtube video to understand what the machine is. This video helped me a lot:

Would it be helpful if the Machine Shop Committee can consider using this kind of videos as part of the training materials. DMS may have other topics not covered in existing public videos in which case, DMS can just create those specific ones. Then, trainings can be made virtual and benefit the whole community.

My degree is in manufacturing engineering and had experience making 4- and 5-axis NC programs for cutting jet engine airfoil. Using the manual Sherline lathe is totally in my capability. Therefore, I like to request to substitute DMS required Sherline lathe training with my professional manufacturing engineering experiences and the Sherline lathe video.

Thanks for consideration.

Actually, 1:1 is mostly what we’re doing because of COVID.

We have a pre-req for lathes at DMS. Should be a no-brainer for you if you have prior lathe experience. Can send the quiz answers to the destination in the slide deck and get the ball rolling: Colchester link

Once you do I can arrange a time with you to sign you off on the Clausing and the sherlines. I’ll cut some stock and give you a few requirements; as long as you show you can operate the machine safely we can often sign you off with that prior experience rather than require a full class.

We can do the same for the bridgeport if you have prior experience with it.


Thanks for the instructions. The link you provided does not exist. I found this file:
Is this one correct?

It does not have quizs

I was wrong, please ignore.

Not that one

I fixed the link in my post. Seems the file has a special character in it that broke the link in my post.

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Jim, once again you are so generous with your time. Thank you for all that you do.

The reason for the specific instructions on the Sherline gear is to avoid breakage and problems we’ve had in the past. Just remember to take shallow cuts on them. They don’t hog metal like the big 3 phase lathes do.

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FYI, the Sherline lathe training material is available on the committee drive; Committee Drive > machineshop > Sherline > training >


It is available in pdf and powerpoint. It is mostly pictures, but if you can use the powerpoint, I recommend that version because there are instructor notes on the notes pages.

There is no quiz.

The key caution for the Sherline lathe is that when it says to tighten things - it doesn’t mean THE HULK tight. It means Little Chrissy tight.

If you care to familiarize yourself, we have a lot of accessories for the lathe. Usually they are in a toolbox under the table, but with the recent expansion move that might not be the case currently.

The Sherline lathe and the Sherline mill share some accessories also.

Our wiki page for the Sherline lathe describes it and also lists the major accessories that we have, along with links to their usage instructions.

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And our tools aren’t always the sharpest either, which exacerbates that.

Do we allow self-training on the Sherlines now?

EDIT: I may just need more coffee reading these.

I think we need to move towards self study on the Sherlines.

I like to be the first self-trained Sherline lather

Manuals for theSherlines are in the roll-around bookcase, top shelf, that is located in the middle of the shop next to the large steel cabinets. There you will find all the Sherline documentation for the tooling and machine operation.

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We could make an instructional video and an electronic quiz off the recommended study guides. I’m working on deploying that for other committees this week to auto-add into AD

We don’t, but I just thought I would provide the link to the training material so that if you (or someone else) did a 1-on-1 checkout it wouldn’t be the first time he had seen what the machine looks like.

EDIT: We have two different categories of Sherline trainees:
(a) People who have other machining experience and need the specific capabilities of the Sherline. IMO anyone who has lathe or bridgeport AD already could just self-train/quiz for the respective Sherline.
(b) People who don’t have machining knowledge or experience but figure the Sherline(s) would be a good safe place to start. I’d be reluctant to tell those people to watch a video and have at it. In all fairness, most of them would be reluctant to do that also. But in reality, I don’t think they could get badly hurt and would likely cause < $1000 damage if they completely foul up.

It’s probably a good discussion for the next committee meeting.

The slides mentioned “[email protected]” and “ClausingColchester QuizPass AD”.
I couldn’t find “ClausingColchester QuizPass AD”. Do you mean I send my quiz answers to the email address?

We record tool certifications through the Active Directory (AD) system. To access certain tools you need to be recorded as a member of the relevant AD group. This happens when you complete the requisite training.

The slides mean that you should send your quiz answers to the email address and ask to be put into the “ClausingColchester QuizPass AD” group.

ah, I think there may be a typo there.

Email the quiz answers to [email protected] (which is just instructors to grade) versus the public mailing list :slight_smile:

once we grade the results, you are added to the QuizPass group by an instructor which makes you eligible for the class. It allows an instructor to check if someone passed before granting a class in case the instructor that grades it is different than the one training you.

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I just sent my answers.
Can someone fix the quiz slides to state the process to avoid future confusions?