Shapeoko Toolbox - please leave open


I left the Shapeoko toolbox open. I left a note suggesting the lid be kept open for a while.

While I applaud the person who tried to salvage the jumbo bottle of CA glue despite the fact that it has no cap, I think that maybe laying it down in the toolbox (with no cap) might not have been the best way to store it.

The things that are stuck in the puddle of CA glue are there to stay, short of using a torch.

The lid should probably be open until the remainder of the puddle dries.


Isn’t acetone (or?) a solvent for super glue??


Yeah, but it can also turn some plastic products to a gummy mess as well. Mileage will definitely vary.


Hmmmm…might work on metal drawer w/ stuck metal parts?


Acetone is great for cleaning. It will disolve super glue and paint and several other gunky things. Beware using it on certain plastics… Might eat those too. Generally safe with metal and glass.


If you are going to use acetone in that quantity, please take it outside.

Who TOOK the lid to the Superglue?? This is why we cannot have nice things…


Seriously, a quick torching (also outside) would liquify the CA glue quickly, making it easy to remove the few things that are stuck in there and then clean it up.

It’s going to take a bucket of acetone to dissolve a tablespoon of hardened CA glue.


I wouldn’t want to breathe the fumes from that. They ‘cyano’ part of cyanoacrylate is pretty scary stuff (potassium cyanide) and the fumes are toxic.


What, you don’t like blue fingernails? (JK)


Since I have been a member I don’t think I have seen a single bottle of CA glue with a cap. they all look like that one :confused:


See - now there’s something that would be worth tons of money - 3D printed caps for CA glue bottles.


I was honestly just going to save mine from home and bring them in. See how fast they disappear.

Also, is ABS the right kind of plastic to not adhere to CA? I thought it would bond.

Edit- Just confirmed that ABS will bond to CA :frowning:


Yep, you’re right. The shapeoko toolbox confirms that. I didn’t even think about it!


Looks like we could get replacements, hahaha.