ShapeOko laptop

Does anyone know where the laptop is for the Shapeoko?

Think you have to use your own.

You should be able to get any laptop out of the common room loaners and hook it up. You can drive the Shapeoko via Easel online - you don’t need drivers.

Or like Art suggests, you are also free to use your own.

I know it is #19 and should be in the common area up in a cubby. I am getting ready to go down there to use it if that helps

At one time, that was the only one which would work. Is that not true anymore? What changed?

I looked through the cubby in common room with starbabyk9 but didn’t see it. Wasn’t aware could use own now.

I was unable to find it either. Other laptops were there, but not #19. Unable to use my own for some reason.

@jphelps please advise :slight_smile:

My laptop is asking for downloads of stuff :frowning:

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Yeah – it used to have a label that said “ShapeOko” on it.

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Shapeoko Easel software is web driven however it does require driver(s) on the computer in question. You can bring your own Windows or Mac device OR I have laptop #19 setup for this. That’s the only laptop DMS IT has given me admin rights too so that I might install the right drivers for Easel and Universal G-Code Sender and keep it working.

@StanSimmons, would you happen to know if that laptop was taken out of service perhaps?

With John K’s help, do not know his talk handle, I was able to get the easel software on my laptop. So many AWESOME people at the makerspace!!!


Last time I used the Shapeoko, I brought my own extension cord from home and plugged in on the pillar at the end of Woodshop annex. Other option might be to toss the ceiling cord on the reel over the top of the steel rack so that it’s not draped across the main hallway.

Edit: I believe you’re mentioning @JohnK . I don’t know if he’s on Talk much.

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Found Laptop 19 in the cabinet under the loaner laptop cabinet ; it’s currently being used and I showed person where to put it back at. I hope this helps everyone.


Since Woodshop owns the Shapeoko, I’m moving this post into that category.