Shapeoko 3XXL teach the teachers class

greetings. I have submitted a class for 03/28 which should show up in 72 hours as a Teach the Teachers class so that we can be ready to give members access as part of Expansion 2.0 which is coming closer. The XXL (nicknamed FatMan after one of the first nuclear bombs) is an upgrade of the Shapeoko CNC and is under the Plastics Interest Group (i.e the PigSig). My vision for this is that it will not only be used for machining plastics and composites (once we get the dust collection) but will have usefulness in areas such as glass engraving, mold making, jewelry making and others. We are planning to allow metal engraving and cutting of sheet material only. If you want to cut large blocks of metal - well learn the Bridgeport and the HASS. So - I encourage those committees outside of machine shop to send a teacher to be trained.

To be clear - this is NOT an access class. Teachers need approval so please send me a PM as to why you should be approved. This is necessary as the past has shown that only a small percentage of the people that take a Teach the Teachers class ever actually teach. Cheers!


What time is the class going to be at?

3pmto 5:30