Shapeoko 3XXL class 06/26 in the PigSig

I’ve added a class for a pre-signoff of the Shapeoko 3XXL router mill in the Plastics area 06/26/21 at 1. The machine is not fully in service until an enclosure is built and proper exhaust is added (soon). But this class will get you signed off so you can get started on day 1 after the announcement it is in service.

Class should be available for signup in 72 hours. Class portion will be about 40 minutes and the machine checkout will take as long as it takes out in the shop.
Things to keep in mind: This machine is dedicated for plastics and related materials and light metals that DO NOT require coolant. This is not a wood router. Well it is, but we are not allowing it without the explicit permission of the chair or vice chair.

Unfortunately, we can only accommodate 6 people. next class will be in 6 weeks or until we get more teachers. cheers!


Clarification - the Machine Shop chair or vice chair.

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Class is now full. first 6 approved. see you then. I have other classes and demos to prepare so I won’t repeat again for at least 6 weeks.

ON THE PLUS SIDE FOR THOSE ATTENDING - I’ll add some additional demo time to show the use of a diamond drag bit. cheers!