Shapeoko 3 (Plastics) - Upgraded

The HDZ upgrade kit and new router have come in. I’ve begun the conversion work and will post updates to this thread. It’s likely this will be down until at least tomorrow as I’m unlikely to finish today before I have to leave.

For now … The new Z plate …


Well Jay,
Aren’t you getting all fancy with the ball screw setup?


Our old machine had a few surprises and we’ll likely not be back in service until tomorrow but so far progress is good. In it’s past life someone had broken off a 1.5mm hex key in one of the Z sprocket set screws but I was able to get it off the stepper shaft with no significant damage. We need to ‘carry over’ some parts and the steppers are one such item, but not the sprocket for the Z.

We need qty 2 of an M5 x 10mm socket head cap screw for the Z stepper mount on the new HDZ. The old one had 2 of 4 that I could carry over but the other 2 were some kind of replacement using nuts and imperial sizing and that won’t work on the HDZ. If we have any laying around please update this thread and leave them on the machine (or put them in) otherwise I will stop at Ace tomorrow on my way in and get some.


More progress today however it’s going to be tomorrow before I can pick up two longer bolts for the new Y proximity switch to mount to our machines Y2 axis plate (right side). I also need to locate some new thermal paste for the electronics; the old paste was mostly gone and no longer making contact to it’s heat sink. @artg_dms , I looked in E-Lab but could not find any paste. Do you know if we have any? If not I might have some at home I can donate or we’ll need to order some.

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I have some I will drop by. Its expired but should still work.

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Upgrade completed other than a few follow up items that have little impact on usability right now. I’m considering running the router power cord thru the X axis cable chain so if you use the machine please keep an eye on the power cable path. The Y axis proximity is zip tied instead of screwed down; I’ll pickup screws and fix but it’s working OK as-it-is.

IMPORTANT: You must update your Carbide Motion settings to Shapeoko 3 XXL HDZ (aka Leadscrew) instead of the old ‘belt drive’ option. I printed a notice and taped it to the table in plastics next to the machine.

If you are unsure of yourself please ask for help using the machine post upgrade here on talk or around the space!

I didn’t have time today to run extensive tests or jobs however initialization, homing, rapid and jog movements and the router all work as expected.

The red arrows in the picture point to the wrenches for the ER11 collet. We have 1/8" and 1/4" in the cabinet.

Now go make some stuff!


Looks great Jay. Is there any way to patch the software to preclude someone using the belt drive option. Something as simple as editing an .ini file or stripping the option from the select box in the code.

Negative … it’s bring-your-own-computer to operate so … no chance.

Might be time to revisit that. You do have a full copy of Vcarve for this machine. I thought you also had a machine ear-marked for this station

Negative. Machine Shop has a portable machine on a cart that can be used to drive it but is not dedicated to it nor required.

@SWA This configuration thing isn’t an issue today and I don’t expect it to become one anytime soon. We’ll teach people in the classes what to use like we do today, it will be OK.

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I still understand why you guys don’t want a computer there. It knocks all the Mac people out and anyone else that doesn’t carry a laptop. You can have the little computer we are using for the Multicam when we upgrade if it is a budget issue. So can redeploy the full Vcarve license elsewhere?

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It’s not a budget issue. Carbide Motion is supported on Mac @SWA and we provide the cart PC for those without a laptop.

You’re trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist right now. If, in the future, it becomes a problem or the committee decides to make changes we’ll make changes but right now it all seems to be working A-OK.