Shapeoko 2 Maintenance Friday Nov 1 AM - Completed

I’ve the day off and will be swinging by in the AM to do some maintenance on the Shapeoko 2.

  • Remove old spoilboard and replace with new threaded inserts
  • True up XYZ and spindle as needed
  • Clean up the cart scrap area and the red tool box
  • Print a few replacement hold down clamps

Please don’t plan on using the machine during this time :wink:


what time do you think? I hope to be there by 10am. I would like to help.

ping me :slight_smile:

Time should work, will do.

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Could I respectfully suggest that the new threaded inserts be something a little easier to acquire - perhaps 10-32? It wouldn’t be a big deal to buy some new bolts but it’s tough to find 5mm bolts to fit the existing inserts - especially if you need something long.

The inserts come with the replacement board as a kit. I will be cleaning out the red toolbox and if we need some more bolts I can get them easily at my local Ace I bet. How long did we need?

Also, has anyone seen the blue low profile vice we had on the cart?

Ah. Makes sense.

We tried to clamp down a piece of 2x4 and couldn’t find a bolt long enough. I’m going to say that 2.5 - 3" is probably what we needed. An easy way to tell is to set up one of the step clamps on an upper level.

I have a vague recollection of having seen it either in August or when I helped Kevin but beyond that I don’t have any useful information.

If I show up to help can you clear me to use it (give a private lesson for a small cash donation or something)?

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I need to make a jig to hold 2x4x30" wood pieces for kids to carve their names in for the grand opening of the kids park DMS is sponsoring. Hope to catch you guys when I wake up but its going to be a really long night for me.

Also had a weird issue with it going out of bounds the other day helping another member.

I’m going to run a personal job after I’m done so yeah, if you come help and stick around for that we can get you signed off.

Sorry Jay, I’m not going to make it. Running a couple of hours behind.

I just walked in myself!

Thank you but I JUST found out that there is an issue with my membership, and as such i can’t get into the space. If it gets resolved before you finish, I will let you know, but I’m not holding my breath. Thank you anyway; maybe some other time

I ran out of time to attempt to true up the flatness of the unit but, overall, it’s pretty good as it is and the new spoilboard and top crank make it easier to use. I printed a few more clamps and dumped any that looked like they needed to go. I cleaned up everything, tossed out the junk and found the low profile vise. I also replaced the back slot which was open; now I realize why it was so loud in class this week! :wink:

Suggestion: If you pull the vacuum out and leave the toolbox where it is it might stay more organized for longer.

Everything is back up and running.

I’ll see if I can procure a few 3" long 5MM bolts for clamp use.


Thank you very much for doing all the maintenance, printing new clamps, etc.!

On a related note, last time I used it I had to go hunting down the vacuum. Apparently someone thought they had a better use for it. I have subsequently labelled it.


Do you know if the spoilboard is orthogonal relative to the gantry? Or, more specifically, how close to orthogonal it is? I’m thinking about aligning straight lines with my workpiece, and if the spoilboard is orthogonal that would make my life a lot easier.

It’s close but I have not measured it. I’m planning tocome in this weekend and hopefully fix the vertical offset front to back and we’ll look at that as well.