Shapeoko 2 - Improved Tram but speed controller degraded

I spent some time on Sunday tearing down part of the Shapeoko case and wiring so that I could more easily access the bolts to improve the tram which was slanted front to back by more than 1mm. I used a heat gun to break loose the old hot glue holding some of the wires down so that I could partially pull the case off. In doing so I discovered that the variable speed control wire splice is sub-optimal and wiggling it causes random behavior of the spindle. If you use this machine near term make sure you watch for that as it can cause the spindle to run even when the knob is all the way to the left (off).

To address the wiring issue, and make the case completely removable, I’ll be stopping up sometime this week to install JST or Dupont connectors on all the wires that run to the case itself which will make it easy to remove and fix the flaky wiring along the way.

The case is also in need of some attention but that’s less of an issue right now.


For clarification, is the machine in service for general use?

Best to wait but if you know what you’re doing you can most likely work around this issue.

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I installed connectors today but I think the Potentiometer itself is bad and not the wiring. I did resolder a suspect wire but no dice. I then dug around in E-Lab for awhile looking for a replacement but couldn’t find much in that regard. I put a sign on the machine that it’s down and will look around at home for a part, I might just have one.

@artg_dms, think we may have a 100K POT sitting around somewhere by chance?

As you enter the Electronics Lab, go to your immediate right and look in those metal pull out drawers of the metal cabinet. There is an assortment of pots in one of those drawers.


Not sure I have anything that high. Will check.

Assuming your looking for something like this

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@richmeyer, thanks. I did try that area and there were only a few, nothing suitable I’m afraid.

@artg_dms, that’s right, like that.

I’m also trying to find the instructions for the variable speed controller we have on the Shapeoko to see what it calls for and if it has to be 100K or something else might be suitable.


Missing Tanners, Radio Shack, Fryes… :frowning_face:

Well I have at least one 100k pot. I know that I have more but remembering where they are at is a different story.


If you care to donate one of those to the cause you can drop it in my bin or in the red toolbox on the Shapeoko and I’ll install it.