Shapeoko 2 Case

I am not sure if this still belong in Creative Arts or Woodshop, but the case on the Shapeoko 2 is broken. I was using it the other day and the top plexi piece kept falling down and landing on the actual unit. The right side also appears to be broken because of this lack of stability. The whole case is likely in need of replacement. I’d be happy to help, or supply materials, but I think we need a different construction that is a bit more sturdy and has the plexi pieces screwed down so they don’t move. Maybe even a place to attach the vacuum if you’d like to run it during the cut for any reason? Anyhow, more of a report than anything, but let me know if I can help.


I’m 85% certain this is @Team_Woodshop
And thank you for noticing, succinctly reporting, AND offering to help.
Very excellent of you!


We all use the space and are all responsible for it, right? Just doing my part :wink:


You are correct, @Team_Woodshop is the owner of the Shapeoko now.

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We will add it to the list of volunteer projects. If you want to tackle it let me know and we can get is setup and started.


A new case and even base would be fantastic.

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I am open to a design. We are adding the issue to the volunteer project list

I would really appreciate your input on those designs

Thanks in advance for your help

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I have fix/updated the box design that John G org build. So it can be use now. The box that last over 2 yrs with glue only has been beefs up & will last if use right.


Go for it

Let me know what you need

My wish list:

  • Build/rebuild the cart - it was something we repurposed and it’s not that well suited - too wobbly with small wheels and has partial offset holes in the base
    ** Make a square base and use large wheel’s
    ** Have a closed top over the laptop drawer with clearance above the spoilboard so that the bolts in the inserts have plenty of room
  • Make the cover easy to remove for maintenance and adjustment
  • Make the electronics enclosure more streamlined, less bulky, easier to access to replace fuses, etc.
  • Improve the cover by making it less vibration prone, a bit more sturdy, etc.
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@JohnK . Thank you for the repairs to keep it going

@jphelps Let’s have a few parties.
Party one: Design Brainstorm
Party two: Design and cad
Party three: Build

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I saw a guy on Insta post pics of his setup…I liked that the shapeoko is on drawer glides.

@Tres0422 . That does make access easy. My concern would be greater vibration, which leads to less accuracy.

I was thinking about that too…my thoughts? My proposed solution…steel plate on the bottom of the shapeoko and attached to the drawer slides…then a thicker one at the base to avoid tip overs.

If we make it too heavy that will impact it’s ease of movement around the space. We should also try and keep costs down.

Vibration is an interesting idea though. My current thinking is don’t rely on the case for that, put the core machine in the case up on vibration isolation material.

I’d like to see a place on the cart for the vacuum, possibly with a full-time port into the case. Too many times the vacuum walks away because it’s a small convenient tool.


I’d like to see provision for an air nozzle for chip clearance and bit cooling.

Would be helpful for making aluminum panels for instruments.

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what would be required for this in air flow? Could an aquarium pump handle it? What would be a solution for this?

I was thinking something like this mounted on the spindle:

Shop air via a regulator and a flexible hose of some sort was what I’d envisioned.

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i believe that would work, and not take a major effort to implement.