Sewing SIG meeting (this week?)

I coulda sworn I posted a message on TALK when I scheduled the meeting for Wednesday evening at 7 pm, but apparently it was my vivid imagination hard at work. Is there a possibility y’all can manage to make it? There are two new faces registered already, but if I need to reschedule, we can do that.

Advantage of going forward with meeting is being able to Decide if we are ready to formally request funds from CA, as that meeting is Thursday night. (Yikes!)

But I’ll be the first to admit that if you didn’t notice the SIG meeting posting, it’s really short notice.


Eep! I missed the announcement, but we are in town in the middle of the week so I’ll be there.

Unfortunately I can’t make Wednesday nights, I teach a dog training class every Wednesday.

I’ll be there. Made a reminder and everything :smiley:

Yeah, I’m sorry about that. Wednesday was the runaway winner evening of choice. You can certainly assign your proxy to someone you know is attending to represent your interests. Are there things you feel need to be addressed by the committee?

No, I’m good. :slight_smile: Understand.