Sewing SIG meeting day/time poll

We need to figure out a good day/time to have sig meetings.
So… of the peeps out there with an interest in sewing (basic, quilting, leather, fashion, utility, accessories, etc) what days/times work best for you:

  • Sunday morning
  • Sunday afternoon
  • Sunday evening
  • Monday evening
  • Tuesday evening
  • Wednesday evening
  • Thursday evening
  • Friday evening
  • Saturday morning
  • Saturday afternoon
  • Saturday evening

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Now that we are actually inhabiting our space, we can make better decisions about what is needed to accommodate the variety of classes & events y’all want to offer.


No mornings, and please no Thursday evenings. I’d like to attend a meeting, and I’m usually busy during the tours.

Plus, if we’re setting it up long term, I’d prefer no weekends either. I wouldn’t be able to attend for the 2 months of Scarborough Faire.

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given that ZERO people of the six voters so far have chosen Thursday, I think we’re safe. (and I don’t really want it on Thursday either.)

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It’s just been weird to me how often a committee meeting I wanted to attend was on Thursday! At 7pm!
Craziness! Glad we don’t have that version!

bump topic (I’m impatient)

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While it wouldn’t be a poll, you might just ask the question in fb CA group. I know this type of question has usually gotten response there (and if they’re in the sewing fb group, they’ll likely be in ca group, so just the one place will be fine)

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