Sewing SIG meeting 11/7/2018 at 7 PM


Hi all!

The sewing SIG will be meeting Wednesday November 7th at 7 PM to discuss expansion room layout, recurring purchases, future machine and equipment purchases, classes and getting involved, and the sewing and quilting circles (when and what time).

I hope to see everyone in the sewing community there.


:disappointed_relieved: Dang. Newbie here, who would love to meet fellow stitching geeks here, but will be heading to Houston for the International Quilt Festival that morning.


Don’t worry, this will be a recurring monthly meeting and we’ll soon have monthly quilting and sewing circles at the space! Look forward to seeing you there


I’ll have to miss this one. I scheduled a class that day. There is no irony, though, because it isn’t a sewing class…


Its my hope that eventually these SIG meetings can be scheduled out in advance enough for those interested parties to plan around the meeting rather than having conflicting classes. Can’t catch everyone at a good time, but we can try.

One of the things @uglyknees and I want to encourage is more discussion on equipment/materials/etc. needs as a SIG ahead of time so that when we have the monthly CA meetings there’s less general discussion during the meetings. Obviously if there’s a controversial topic or some need for discussion during the meeting we won’t prevent what needs to be said from being said, but since we’re such a large committee with so many SIGs out meetings are getting longer and longer. Hopefully this effort can keep the monthly meetings productive and expedient!

In some area within CA we’re already doing an excellent job at this and in others we’re just trying to encourage a little more structure to get there. I’m so happy and proud that we’ve got so many members interested in having a say in our committee, but its probably not surprising that the more people involved the more time each discussion takes.


Hey everyone, just a reminder that the meeting is tonight in the lecture hall at 7 PM!

Hope to see everyone there!


I’m teaching a class tonight, but I’ll be there in spirit!


Let us know what y’all do. And, is there any chance we could move the standard date? This is the set date for Ceramics, another committee I attend.