Sewing Committee meeting 2/4

I’ve avoided this long enough. Time for a meeting! Probably time for an election - if y’all are in the mood for a SIG coup… (I am such a dictator.)

It is scheduled for 7 pm in the Sewing Room on Tuesday, Feb 4. (concurrent with the beginning timeframe for FiberFrolic.)

Topics to ponder include:
(1) whether we might want to expand the name of the SIG to include quilting (Sewing/Quilting SIG)?
(2) talk about the quantity of fabric vs. the space available - finding a balance
(3) what we want to do about the dressmaker dummies
(4) cutting table: is the pingpong table really the best solution? do we want/need both halves?
(5) repair/service decisions on the machine fleet
(6) brainstorm ideas for classes that are within our collective capabilities.

Hope to see you there!
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Bumping this up, as a reminder: meeting tomorrow night!

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Alas, this is crazy tax season. I won’t be available for the meeting.

With the ice coming tomorrow night, any chance of adding some of us in by phone? We are doing a music video in McKinney that night so probably not a good idea to drive back and forth real quick in the ice.

Don’t forget its Texas, “Can the weather be any crazier?” Texas Weather: “Hold my Beer…”

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The ice isn’t supposed to be happening until the wee hours of Wednesday morning. If this meeting lasts THAT long, I’ll stab myself with one of the pairs of ginghers.

I’m not technologically advanced enough to do make a conference phone connection, and quite frankly, I can’t hear well enough to understand most of what’s coming out of that sort of situation. It’s all Charlie Browns teacher-speak.

If the weather appears to be going south early- or the prospect of people going into OMG-ICEMAGGEDON stupid driving behaviors, I’ll happily cancel.

Fair enough?


Is there ever a “sane” tax season?

Give me a week, and it’ll be calm tax season for a while… until April…

The weather cooperated, but the talent was late to this music video shoot. Ugh. Trapped.

You didn’t miss much. Most decisions were we needed more input/data before making an actual decision. Only votes were (a) get a few of the machines serviced, and (b) purchase a small vac for the room. (duh! why didn’t I think of that…)