Sewing 101 Request for assistance

Hi there! I’m new to Maker Space (2 days now) but have been sewing and using embroidery machines for over 30 years. I saw on the Wiki that the sewing equipment requires Sewing 101 class, and would like to get a certification. I also would like to get trained using the surger, as I do not have experience with that. Thank you for your help!

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If you are already experienced with sewing machines your easiest bet would be to see if @dryad2b (Chair of Creative Arts) can simply let you test out of the class.

Serger classes are more tricky as there is a small pool of teachers for them. @Print_Witch typically teaches it, but she doesn’t check her Talk account often (@Hardsuit, could you let her know there’s an interested student?).

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Sure. I’m here most afternoons and evenings. When did you want to stop by?

I would love to come in as well. I’m familiar with most of the machines.

If it’s still locked up, put it to the side and bring out the backup serger. It should be on the shelf in it’s original box.

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Serger swapped out, old one labeled as needs servicing.


Got it. Thank you!