Sewing 101 class

Looking to get into sewing. Are there plans for any 101 classes.

We’re low on teachers for sewing 101 right now. Sometimes @dryad2b will teach it, and I believe @squaredroots was thinking about teaching one.

Do we have a checklist of what needs to be covered? I could probably learn to teach it but I’d hate to skip something that needs to be included.

I don’t think we ever got a comprehensive list together. When I’m signing off people as long as they can thread it and sew in a straight line they’re good. I’d imagine for total newbies a small project class like a little bag or a potholder something would be good, but might take longer.

Yeah, that makes sense. I’ll talk to someone face to face about teaching soonish then.

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No, I’m actually terrible with sewing, I meant I wanted to take it again since I needed the practice xD I can teach other things besides sewing until I get better

Ohhhhhhhhh my bad. :joy:

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I can leap out there and teach a class. I’m more in your boat – can you thread it and sew a straight line? You’re good. I throw in mending and/or a tote bag, since you’ll never remember if you don’t have a bit of practice.


Does Tuesday night 10/8 work for you?


If a class gets scheduled, I’d definitely take it too!

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I am a new member and been sewing for years. Can you sign me off to use the industrial machine? I am working on a couple of project that requires a heavier duty machine than my heavy duty machine I have at home.

I don’t think we’ve actually got an industrial machine yet. The Thor is super-heavy-duty, and I *believe" that the industrial machine is still just slowly wending its way toward us…

How heavy-duty? The Pfaff, which was one of our original leather machine (due to all-steel construction), might be heavy enough?

I am sewing about 5 layers of canvas for a messengers bag. I was up in the sewing room today and didn’t see the industrial machine or the Pfaff. Where is the Pfaff stored and does it thread like a regular sewing machine.

Sewing 110 on calendar for Tuesday 10/8, 7pm

Will be visible on calendar in 72 hrs – Mark!

Note – there’s a blip when a class first becomes visible that’s it’s not actually open yet. If you see it this Wednesday, and it’s not full but it won’t let you sign up – give it a few minutes and try again.

And, I’ve gone for Sewing 110 as a title, because the last Sewing SIG leader wanted different bits for the 101. I just show you how the machine works, and let you practice some. It still signs you off to use the machines.

Thanks. I’ll watch for the class.

Turns out I was wrong – the industrial machine has arrived and looks like it’s set up in the Sewing Room. Matt says that it’s pretty normal.

The Pfaff is a regular sewing machine, just old enough that it doesn’t have flimsy plastic parts in it. It’s in the heavy leatherette covered case. I hate to predict where it’s sitting now, but it’s in the Sewing Room. And, all that steel makes the whole thing heavy…

I could teach this as well. I would just need someone to signed off. I could do sergers as well if needed but again I would need to be signed off.

If you can find some time with Astrud she should be able to sign you off on both at once. @Hardsuit may be able to help you schedule that.

Thanks I will reach out to her.