Several spaces available for tomorrow's (1.28.21) Beginner's Glazing class

Hi! 80% of my class has cancelled due to various reasons. I have 4 spaces open if you’d like to join us! Let me know.

@wizlog were you ever able to sign up for a glazing class? Now that you have some bisqued pieces, here’s your chance if you still need the class. :wink:

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Me me me!! I was gonna show up tomorrow anyway in the hopes there was a no-show!

I think my lil’ bowl has been fired, so I’ll only have that one piece, but I’m stoked to just observe and absorb, too!

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I would love to join but I don’t have any pieces ready to go. Are there any tiles or anything I could practice with?

yay!! Sounds good and see you tonight!

Hanna, I will see if I have some spare bisque pieces. Just show up and let’s figure it out.

I have a few pieces you can use.

I’m taking the laser training at 5:30. If we get out early, I’ll join.

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