Seven free Arduino and Electronics classes on the Event Calendar

While it seems that there are fewer free classes on the calendar, free Arduino and Electronics classes are springing up to fill the void. The following classes are free, open to non-members, beginner to intermediate level and all parts are furnished except your laptop. Classes are small and fill quickly so check back often if they show full.

@NickWebb teaches what has been the most popular Arduino class for the last two years. You will learn to build circuits on a breadboard using a temperature sensor, light sensor, servo and other components. Programs will be provided to control these parts.

Arduino: Sensors for Fun and Non Profit!

@Dale_Wheat has been rolling out a variety of classes. All these have just been listed and have seats available. They are scheduled for this coming Saturday so register quickly.

Learn To Solder

Basic Electronic Applications: Fun with 555s

Charlieplexing LEDs with Arduino

Communicating between Arduinos can be a challenge for beginners. I will be repeating a class using simple, cheap NRF24L01 modules to do point to point communications between an array of Arduinos.

Arduino: Wireless Communication with the NRF24L01 Transceiver

ThingSpeak is an Internet of Things service that offers free hobby level services to archive and display eight data points every fifteen seconds with a maximum of three million messages a year. In my newest class, you will build a temperature sensor and broadcast it to the cloud and display results in a browser.

Arduino: ThingSpeak into the Internet of Things!


Thanks for pointing these out Brady. I took a soldering class from Dale Wheat a couple weeks ago. It was one of the most organized and effective classes of that type that I have taken anywhere.


I’ve been wanting to take Dale’s classes for a while, but our schedules just don’t seem to line up. I’ll still be out of town this weekend, so looks like I’ll miss this batch, as well :frowning_face:.
I’ve taken Nick’s class and most of Brady’s classes, and they are all great!


I agree about Brady’s classes, they’re excellent. I’ve not taken Nick’s, but he assisted in one of Brady’s classes way back, and did a great job.

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I second kudos to @Dale_Wheat. His class was great!