Setting up an ESD Safe workstation at home

My original plan was to use DMS to do my electronics. Since that is not an option for the foreseeable future I have to get my fix at home.

First issue is a work bench. My roommate (who does the day to day cleaning an house work) put her foot down and forbid using me using the kitchen table (works for me). So until I can afford something different my bed ill be my protoboard work station. Long tern I will buy/build a ramp to the Garage and set one up there. Back when I was mobile I didn’t worry too much about ESD damage. That was because most parts were cheap and easy to acquire. With Tanner’s Electronics store becoming a casualty of the pandemic that is no longer the case. I am now on a fixed budget, which means I will really need something before I pay shopping costs. Every part has become more valuable, so ESD station protocols are now the order of the day and shall remain so.

Or those who don’t know what ESD is I have written an article on the subject.

Other project I have been doing at home is buying resistors to make a complete E24 ¼W 5% resistor kit, one for myself and one for the space (if the committee accepts it.) I will 3Dprint at set of storage units I will call books when the space eventually reopens. It will cover the decades 10E0 to 10E5. I have been taking a long view of this project, and will sell the kits at a low profit hen I can. One of the projects I’m working on is drawing the 3D print for when the space opens back up.

Hi Wendy
Hope you are doing well
Tanners was not a victim of CV-19. They announced they were closing before all the pandemic stuff hit.
A hike in rent and not being able to find an alternative affordable location are the primary reasons. There are other threads / posts out here on this.

Concerning the resistor kits - I’m going to say don’t. Here’s why. The ELab has an abundance of resistors in bins that are currently in one of the roll around cabinets. It would be far more efficient to take inventory and find what’s missing and restock than creating new kits.

Don’t want to seem ungrateful here, but if you are on a tight budget, please take care yourself first and don’t worry about the ELab. That’s what committee funds are for.


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Also, with the closing of a major supplier they were hurting to fill a void. Velleman closed their US warehouse.

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Before they were moving not closing. Dallas is losing a valuable resource not easily replaced. I have a thread on All About Circuits showing where I am in creating a personal workspace. So far I a slowly moving to get anything done, but it is moving.

Lord I miss 3D printing.