Sergers out for maintenance


One needs new trimming blades (on order), other has a broken looper blade as well as internal issues that need a full maintenance pass and is being sent out for repairs.


There is a Serger event on the calendar for 20 Jan - will this be impacted by the repair or will they be back in time?


Every machine needs a spa day every so often


One serger should be fixed very soon (blades replaced), and we have ordered a new 1034d that should arrive this week. Astrud and I will also be bringing in 3 additional servers from home, so we should have at least 5 servers running at the event.


Let me know if they need to go in for a full maintenance day.


@Hardsuit - it’s in the process of getting repaired? Just checking on who brought it in or if I need to bring it in


We have the one that needs to go in for full servicing in the car, and the other one that needs blades is set aside until the blades arrive. The new one we ordered from Amazon is due in on Tuesday.