Senlac Dr. closed 12/10- and now is open, and new developments 2022/01/13

Hello all!

We’ve received notice that Senlac Dr, a common way to exit the industrial park, will be closed for construction. You will need to go right onto Monetary, then exit down to Electronic Dr.

Please don’t drive the wrong way on Monetary to exit onto Valwood - the police have been giving tickets as of late.


Thanks for the warning. I might have been one of the people exiting from Monetary on to Valwood Parkway. But then, it’s easy to be a rebel like this when I’m leaving at 3:45 a.m.

I did not know Monetary went that way. I would swear there used to be a “no outlet” sign past the Senlac intersection.

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You are correct in the No Outlet sign. Its still there. When ST Micro bought that portion years ago (IIRC 03-04), they closed it off when they built one of their fab buildings over there. I did a startup on their chillers about that time when it happened. Now that ST Micro is long gone from that area, all that really remains is that sign. The street has been open through for a few years now.


And this is why we can have signs, but nobody pays attention anyway (except @Bill )


Does anyone else wish that they would finish the work on montanari before they closed another road they had I’ve heard that side torn up for March maybe a year Harriet they oughta finish one before they start another oh well cities do what they want to

Once they “finish” the current side, they are going to start on the other side. So, my guess both sides should be finished around Christmas 2025. If we are lucky. Just saying…

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And we shall now weave a more crooked path to and from DMS :smirk: :roll_eyes: :exploding_head:


Fun story about the timeline. The reason this has taken so long is because a bunch of Telcos didn’t bury their lines to the right depth several years back. Then the city had to wait for each one to come out and rebury their lines, and they took their time.

This was all supposed to be done earlier this year. But some telcos cheaped out, surprise surprise.

Part of me has to wonder if this is a passive aggressive move by the city to do this work and drag their feet so damn much.

Generally the city managers office is just as pissed off as the public.

423/Main Street through The Colony was delayed for years, with quite a string of issues, but the biggest one is that allegedly the CO in TC is a fiber switching hub, and there is tons of fiber running up the side of 423, and all the ATT fiber techs were tied up on the 635 widening project, so they simply would not set a date to move the fiber. And at least one of the private utilities that moved infrastructure out to the side to the new easement appeared to be unable to read plans, and didn’t move far enough to be clear of the new road. Or electric drops/transformers that I notified city staff were still in the ROW, but TxDOT assured them all electric was already out of the way. So this pole and transformer were in the middle of construction for a few weeks while Coserv tried to negotiate pole access with Oncor at that late date. I think they wound up boring under the project to the pole on their side of the road.

The other part of this is that there is such a history of city council corruption that state law builds in a wide range of protections for citizens from city council financial abuse. Notably low bid requirements that take too long to complete bid, and often result in selection of companies that don’t own enough equipment or maintain enough staff to work all their projects at a timely rate.

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Ahem. The next street that is going to be closed is the one that T’s off of Monetary. For those of us who can see, this is very logical. They’ll be paving the part that we’ve been driving across so that we don’t violate the one-way part of Monetary. Given that it’s only for 10 days, it’s just that spot that will be paved. And apparently, it takes them 10 days to pave one small-ish area. That does include 2 weekends, though.

Although, this afternoon, they were working on paving a different spot closer to Valwood, and hadn’t yet closed off Senlac.

I had heard that another reason for the big delay was that Carrollton had to shift their paving/construction crews off this project while they were repairing water main breaks caused by Snowpocalypse. There was a span of several months where no equipment was in sight (or on site).

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I’m sure this was also a factor

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It’s taken 2+ years of calling the water department in Carrollton for them to come take care of the river that was my street. It was leaking in multiple places.

First, they blamed it on my side of the meter, as there was water coming out near, but it was clearly not actually on my side of the meter. Then they issued a citation for me to get my water fixed, which was met with some fairly harsh words by me. Then they had to dig up my sidewalk and it took a month or so to get that fixed.

Then they blamed it on my neighbor and did the same citation dance with them, before coming out to fix a leak at the junction for a different neighbor, which had the sidewalk torn up for another couple months.

Then after another year of calling and blaming the issue that was clearly in the middle of the street on the 1st mentioned neighbor (who paid a plumber to confirm that it was not on their side of the meter) the city finally came out and fixed it, but we had a torn up street for ~4 months that was finally fixed about 3 weeks ago.


Having worked for a Telco in the past, this does not surprise me at all. I worked new residential install. I remember them hiring a 3rd party company to bury the cables from the neighborhood junction box to the houses. at times some of the lines were visibly sticking above the dirt on the visible trench that couldn’t have been more than 4 inches deep tops. I was absolutely amazed when I did some yard work and found that my personal lines were actually buried the 18" they were supposed to be. The dig test markers were off by 6 inches though which is how I found them.

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I wish they’d just connect the parking lots so we could go south through them and turn onto valwood. There’s got to be a better way out. When did they even start this? I don’t recall the original timeline they gave. I can’t imagine the companies around are super please either

When I left the space Saturday evening, it appeared to still be opened.

No longer, the bobcat was tearing it up.

I’m thinking that they started this late fall of 2021. Snowpocalypse really put a halt to it, though.

Maybe I’ll remember to look for the sign…