Seeking source for large welded ring

I’m seeking a welded ring about 6" long, either rectangular or oval. I’d prefer something with a cross section of about 1/8" bar and the gap between the two sides should be about 3/8" - 1/2".

For that matter, it may not need to be welded … it will probably have less than 30 pounds of force applied to it.

All suggestions appreciated.

How neat a ring does this need to be? Because I feel like this is something that could be done with some ⅛" round stock you get at home depot, and a plastic mallet. Maybe even just two pairs of rubber coated pliers

this feels like a great excuse to lay in a hossfeld #2 or so…

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These can be made in the metal shop. What material do you want and how soon do you need them?

We don’t have a center die for the diacro bender that small but would be straightforward to make with a dowel pin and stub to fit the center hole, I think its 1" but not positive. I think I have the parts, if I do I’ll leave them on the diacro bender. Somebody cross threaded one of the threaded holes used to bolt the swinging die to the handle, that would need to be fixed to get the die close to the 3/8 center pin. I might have time to get that fixed tonight, not hard but there are a bunch of roller bearings that fall out when you take the top off the bender

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  1. I only need one.
  2. Inside dimensions would be just slightly over 6" by 1/2".
  3. Usage. It’s going to be an adjusting link on a blood pressure cuff. You know … you feed the cuff through the link and double it over.
  4. Material. If I make it at home, I will have to make it out of brass so I can anneal the two ends and solder it together. I don’t know how to weld. I suspect any kind of mild steel is better however. I could make it with overlapping legs so I’m not dealing with a butt joint. Material will be largely dependent on whatever I can acquire.
  5. I am in no hurry whatsoever.

If you are willing to help me, I’m glad to pay for your time or otherwise compensate you with your favorite adult beverage :slight_smile:

Not a problem.

I’ll grab the metal and knock it out.



I’ll leave them on top of the tool box in the metal shop


Oh my those are fantastic. You did a beautiful job grinding the welds too. Thank you so very much!

Yep you’re welcome! Let me know how the do for you. I’d enjoy an adult beverage with a new friend. I’m away for work but feel free to text and we can get together next week perhaps.

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