Seeking HAAS Operator

I have a few pieces that I need someone’s help to manufacture. I have the Fusion360 files for them but need to sit down with someone to generate the tool paths and tool list. I will provide everything for the project as it will require carbide to machine the chosen metals (52100 and Ti) if you can assist me in this please message me directly so we can setup a time to walk through this.

@TBJK @procterc

Do we allow chromealloys and ti on the HAAS?

they may have to bring and setup their own tooling but there should be no problem.
There are only 2 sizes of a carbide tooling which will likely be used up by the titanium.

That was the idea but I don’t have enough experience in tooling and cut path setups

Is anyone available to go through the files to create the cut paths?

Troy, what do your files look like?

They are fusion360 files

It’s mechanisms for a knife