Seeking airbrush class


I expect to need to use the airbrush in a couple weeks. I’ve taken the class, but frankly I don’t remember anything. Anyone thinking of offering a class?

Alternatively, if someone is willing to do a one-on-one with me, I am willing to reciprocate. I can do one-on-one training on one of the three things for which I am qualified to issue AD certifications - Babylock embroidery machine, Sherline lathe, Sherline mill.


@uglyknees, who usually teaches airbrushing? I haven’t seen it on the class schedule in a while. Might be time to do a train the trainers.


@mreynolds is the only one I know. The others who taught do not appear to be active. I took the class from Rio.


Ya Rio or Mark


I actually took it from Fred.

A million miles ago.


Let me know what evening etc works best for you Chris and i’ll help. I’m typically there every thursday for DND


may I take as well?


I wanna jump in as well. Always wanted to know how to air brush.


It sounds like if you schedule for next Thursday 3/13 you can get enough attendees for honorarium …



I plan on teaching some airbrush classes, but I’d like to check out the status of the equipment first…unless someone knows offhand. Like how many guns/compressors do we have? Are they all currently working? Do we have backup parts? Do we have airbrush paints available for use and newsprint to practice on? If no one knows, I’ll try to get up there next week to assess.

I’d also like to make it a two-part class. The first section would be maintenance. Learning how to properly clean the guns (which requires taking them apart and putting them together again). I’ve taught this class before, just not at DMS.


Thanks Shelly, that would be awesome!

So, to answer your questions we have 3 compressors, 2 with tanks, 1 without. They all work, but the seals on the 3 way splitters are leaking and need replaced.
We have 7 airbrushes, and a smattering of spares. 6 we set up into kits initially, and 1 that is slightly different that we use as the instructors airbrush. As to the condition, I honestly don’t know currently. There were 2 recently that had been used and issues found and I fixed those. Chances are that the majority will have dried paint in them, possibly missing parts

So i used to run the airbrush 101 classes, mostly teaching people how to clean the airbrushes and do maintenance etc, and then some basic techniques on usage. But in all honesty, I got tired of finding them in terrible shape from folks who figured they knew how to use them, but didn’t.

Really hoping at some point we can have better airbrushes and a useful checkin/checkout system for accountability

I am more than happy to teach one on ones or small classes (like the above folks), and I’d be more than happy to hang out with you and learn some of your skills!


I, too, would like to take this class. Weekday evenings are best for me (but it’s not all about me).

Maintenance of the tools is one of the things I’m especially keen to get up to speed on.