Security camera for front door (home)?


These can go anywhere without wires as long as they are in your wifi router’s range.
There is a lag of about 1-2 seconds from the time they activate until the time you get an alert on your phone if you’re in the same wifi network. About 2-5 more seconds to log in and start playback
On 3G/4G it’s a little longer if the signal is weak.
They automatically record(motion activated) to cloud storage and store it there for 1 week before it’s over written(free, basic subscription) for up to 5 cameras. Paid subscription stores it for a year for for more cameras ~$100/yr.
Downside is that you have to charge the battery every 2-3 months if you get a several activations a day, unless you opt for the optional solar panels or provide your own compatible units.
You can mount them anywhere(within wifi router range), including discreet locations that face towards your house so that you record anyone leaving with things they should not be having along with them.
P.S. You may also need to clean them of spider webs and etc every now and then

P.S. You can get these to make them less visible. They come in an assortment of colors.


Note to self: Postpone burglary at @indytruks138 place tonight.


OK after all my bad-mouthing Ring, I just got a notification on my Ring app that someone was on my porch. UPS guy (driving a U-Haul, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!) with a signature-required delivery. The app actually let me talk to him before he left and we arranged for him to drop the package at the UPS Store around the corner.

So, it’s not all bad, all the time. Still not a good enough picture of the guy to pick him out of a line-up, though.