Searching for a walking stick

My husband is looking for a walking stick, but we’ve been to the Heard and cabella’s and they’re too short and kinda flimsy feeling.
He’d like it to be 5’6" ish tall.

Any ideas where I could get one?
Anyone here make and sell them? I don’t have time to learn how and do it myself before he leaves in a couple of weeks.

Just a straight walking stick? Have you looked at Northern Tool? Sometimes they have walking sticks.

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I prefer collapsible hiking sticks, like ski poles, they fit in luggage, usually have a strap so your hand doesn’t get tired gripping the pole, very lightweight. Saved me from stumbling several times

If you don’t find a DMS’er who wants to make one for you, you might search Etsy for “wooden walking stick”. I saw several who supply wooden walking sticks.

(Ignore the price below. That’s for the 48" long one. The 66" long stick is higher priced.)

Have you tried your nearest Crate Myrtle Tree?

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There exist monopod sticks for rifles that double up as a walking stick as well.