Screenprinting training

Is there any possibility for screenprinting training? I’d be willing to pay for 1-on-1 if a regular class is not feasible at this time.

Me tooooooooo

I know @tomcochran was working on some classes, but I’m not sure of the timeframe for getting them scheduled.

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I want to play with the screen printer so bad!

Wow. We had 2 classes go live last night and they’re already full. We’ll put more up shortly, probably on Saturday in later April.

Any chance there might be an announcement next time for those of us that check Talk?

Look now, on the 17th…

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Wow! I would just LOVE to take both of those… but I’ll be out of town that day. Do you know if these classes be repeated soon?

My hero! And it’s the paper class, just what I was hoping. Thank you so much!

Photostencil class just went live for 10am on May 1st

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Thank you! But as luck has it, it’s during my work hours. :pensive: I’ll continue to keep an eye out!