Screenpinting this Saturday (7/31/2021)

Just a heads up that I intend to get some screen printing done this Saturday, in case anyone was interested in watching, observing or helping.

I will show up sometime between 11 and 12 and will be printing on about 100 neckties. I will be creating a screen in addition to printing, and cleaning it out when finished. I think the whole process should take about 4/5 hours or so.

I also intend to do some engraving on pint glasses as well as get some instruction on the vinyl cutter, so it’ll be a full day (I might do some of those between steps on the screen printing.)

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I think you were expressing interest in screenprinting as well so tagging you in for visibility. If I’m misremembering, my bad, just ignore! :slight_smile:

Personally, I’m hoping he’s gotten some idea of how things work in our print area.

I’ve taken classes and I’ve screen printed before. It’s been a while, tho…

I’m thinking more about expectations of how our area works. Most of our minimal check-offs also talk to you about how our areas are organized, where you clean, etc. I don’t know these answers for the screenprinting area. I would hesitate to invite everyone into the area when I don’t know the rules.

I mean, sure, you can show them the screenprinting process, but will you be teaching them potentially bad habits?

Done a lot of cleaning up before and cleaned up after a similar job to the one I’ll be doing Saturday about a month ago. I think I’ve got notes on everything, but I would not mind if someone more familiar with the area (i.e. - someone who hasn’t been gone a while like I have) would like to look it over before I leave. Also would not mind sending photos or video to anyone who would like to see what condition the place is in before I go and if I missed anything.

Don’t know if anyone was actually anticipating my arrival, but I got a little behind in my tasks. I’ll be heading up there shortly…