Screen printing soon?


Does anyone know how to do screen printing and would be willing to teach a class, or a couple of people, or one person (me!)? I’m looking to make a few shirts on a darker color of fabric that I’m told wouldn’t show up well with dye sublimation so I’m thinking screen printing is the way to go but I haven’t seen any classes. I work evenings til 1030 but am off in the mornings and weekends.


I’m new so I just missed last month’s thing.


There is this class coming up:

Also, you can look at using heat transfer vinyl. @talkers adds Vinyl classes fairly regularly.


Is there a class that just covers the basics of screenprinting? I cant really do the $35 fee right now.
Also, would anyone be able to teach the DMS sloth design?


There is a screen printing basics this Thursday (paper) and complex cloth coming up (two week class, covers pretty much everything on cloth).


The Thursday screen printing basics class is full.

@scubatiffy27 the $35 fee covers the cost of the screen that you will create and take home with you. If you are just looking to learn the process and not looking to create a screen you can ask the instructor if you can sit in and audit the class. @Hardsuit is teaching the August class.


I think @bethaboo1225 has something coming up early August she needs the shirts for. Perhaps the heat transfer vinyl is the way to go? Paging @talkers

Btw Beth, he can be bribed with dark beers and tacos.


Yeah, the classes on weekday nights are a no go for me which saddens me because there are A LOT of attractive classes at those times.
I was hoping to have my project complete by the first week in August.
If I can’t get someone to help, are there community supplies I can use like the emulsion or silk to make my own?


We don’t have any community screens that I’m aware of. There is a per screen charge for using the emulsion, I think it’s $5/per but I don’t recall exactly.

@Print_Witch I believe will be adding some Saturday classes as some of the other teachers pick up the Thursday classes. Check the 21st, I think there is a discharge and clear class that day.


Simple colors of vinyl should be on site soon. Standard rules - please pay the lady on the way out.


Sat Aug 18 will have 2 classes back to back starting at noon. First is making your own screen from scratch, the second is emusion coating and exposing screens.

Sorry we don’t have an earlier class scheduled that would fit the time frame you need, we’re tapped out on extra time to make more classes due to personal commitments.


If I can sit in on the emulsion coating/exposing class I’d be happy to teach it in the future. ( was going to come to the last one but got sick)

I’m more or less familiar with the process, so I just need to note the finer points.


please give @Print_Witch a shout she is in need of a print monkey that afternoon.


@bethaboo1225 Your most economical way in both time and money would be to use the Heat Transfer Vinyl. Modern HTV has a great hand. It feels like silk screening. It’s only $3.50 a square foot, can be cut on the vinyl cutter or silhouette cameo, and can be done quickly. We have White, Black, Red, Blue and Gold at the moment.

For screen printing, you are going to need a screen. You are going to have to add emulsion, let it dry, add your image, UV cure it, wash it out. Then you are going to have to ink it. Which has an investment in clean up time. You can make your own screen (lots of youtube videos on this plus @Hardsuit and @Print_Witch teach it). Ours are at cost for ~$20ish dollars. The class on getting your image on to a screen is 3 hours long. Much of that is getting the image ready. So it is not a mild ask of someone to donate the time.

@scubatiffy27 I teach a screen printing class. The class is about using plastisol inks. It is something like $10, but you get a shirt and a tote. Astrud and @Team_Printmaking are adding more classes for this and different types of screen printing (hopefully they have one on printing on metal!).


@talkers Are you planning on doing the DMS sloth logo anytime soon?


Is there any training required for the HTV or if you are signed off on the titan can you just go?

I have a feeling @classielassie can probably help her get setup and running.

Edit- Id be interested in a sloth shirt as well as @scubatiffy27


HTV cuts the same as regular vinyl on the Titan, except you mirror the image.


It has a hard plastic layer. That faces down. You do not need transfer film, as the plastic layer is transparent and holds the image in place.

Use in heat press.
305’ for 10-15 seconds at medium pressure. Siser also recommends prewarming the garment 2-3 seconds.


No. But we do have a new fantastic T-shirt design by @JRyan_Artist that needs to be printed. Maybe this week.


Thank you for the very specific response! That is very helpful :slight_smile: