Scrap steel needs a home

I have a small truck load of steel parts from my automotive restorations that need to be scrapped. I have a radiator, old truck cab mounted gas tank (no gas in it for years), four brake drums and backing plates, , a set of old bench seat springs, an old inner fender, etc, etc.

I’m not looking for money for the scrap, just a recommendation on a scrap yard in the North Dallas area (I live near Allen/Plano) that I can take all this stuff to to recycle.

We take our aluminum to these folks, but they’ve got a yard full of everything:

If you have any truck springs blacksmithing would love to have them. If you have an axle that would be of interest, too. Do you happen to have any pictures of the seat springs? Are they coil springs? Springs in general are made of a tough steel called 5160 and it is very usable in the blacksmithing shop.


Sorry, no truck springs or axles. The seat springs are very light weight, rusted, and I think largely unusable for any decent purpose. I just unloaded 200 pounds of scrap at a scrap yard on University Ave in McKinney. Fast and efficient.


Excellent. I hope you got a good price for them. Steel has really gone up lately, at least knife steel has.

Since I’ve never taken scrap to a scrap yard before, I don’t know it was a good price or a bad price.

200 pounds = $15.00

Sometimes I reconcile this kind of thing as “I’m keeping this stuff out of the landfill.” Thanks for including DMS in your adventure.

Really it depends on the steel. Tin goes for 1 price, Short iron another price & Long iron a 3 price. Its all how they grade it.

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I still have four old truck brakes and drums (four wheels worth). If they are of any value to any group at DMS, I’d be happy to drop them off, otherwise its a second trip to the scrap yard.

I’d take 2 for a grinder/ vise base

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That’s fine by me, but I’d like to find a home for all four before I drive out to DMS to drop them off.

Any other takers?

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I have a couple ideas I’ve been tossing around so I’m sure I can find a use for the other two.

I’ll take them off you hands.

I should be there all day tomorrow from around 7-8am to 5 or 6pm, maybe later.

I can drive out to DMS tomorrow afternoon (after lunch) and drop all of them off. Let me know where you’d like me to put them so that you both can get two of them.



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I have left your two in the Metal Shop with a note on them.


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Y’all want brake metal? The motorsports team can probably hook you up with an infinite supply of discs…


Metal shop doesn’t. I throw out at least 2 brake disks a month from our scrap bin. If it’s off a big rig semi yes we want it for bases.Otherwise they are far too small for grinder bases as far as I am concerned. I also throw out coil springs, we don’t want those either. People always think blacksmithing wants those but they want leaf springs and axles as Dan mentioned above. We have such and issue with people throwing trash in our scrap bin. If it’s painted we don’t want it, if it’s a bed frame, a car crossmember, a control arm…etc we don’t want your automotive trash.


Blacksmithing is interested in SOME coil springs, but we have a lot of them now. If you have some send me a picture and we might be interested. The larger diameter springs are more desirable.

When you start tossing metal like that, especially coil springs, disc brakes, drum brakes, pretty much most of what you listed, let me know.

I can find uses for all of that.

The point is we don’t want automotive scrap in the metal shop. If they want to store it for you in their area great. If not, DMS metal shop isn’t a scrapyard, our scrap bin in metalshop is mainly for test welding pieces and practice. It isn’t the metal equivalent of the freebie shelf. I have found barbed wire and bandsaw blades in that bin(dangerous and not useful). Also heavily powdercoated items(not weldable and hard to remove coatings). It’s a similar problem to storage or those batteries Art posted in a different post. I know makers are all hoarding things but hoard in your own house, not DMS. I have 2 rooms in my house full of car parts.


I agree with you Max. I can only use so many band saw blades, circular saw blades and coil springs in blacksmithing.

Obviously, most of us hoard stuff we THINK we’ll use and never get around to. I have certainly got a ton of this scrap, junk, old discarded stuff myself.

This is, however, a good discussion because a lot of people have made some cool stuff from recycled metal, wood, etc.

If you have stuff you think a particular shop would be interested in, I would just contact the appropriate chair before leaving anything. Otherwise I would consider putting it on the freebie shelf which has been designated for the purpose and there are rules about what you can put there, too.