Scrap remnants FS on FB

50c per pound, minimum 50 pounds purchase.


“Bigger discounts on 10,000lbs or more.”


Doesn’t sound like there’ll be a shortage of supply.

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Looks like chrome-tanned upholstery leather (2-3 ounce, perhaps thinner). Many of the scraps are quite small and very colorful. Other pieces are much larger.

Probably suitable for some cosplay uses, or for making small pouches or cases (dice bags, renfest pouches, phone cases, EDC belt bags, and the like). Likely not suitable for sheaths (too thin) or garments (too small unless a lot of piecing together was done.)

Not even the leather bikini, as seen on various barbarians???

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Looks like these guys may be the suppliers for all the “scrap leather” vendors at Trade Days lol. They sell one of those scraps for $2-10 so I guess its a decent margin but yeah I have dug through bins of the stuff and found very little I would consider usable, especially at that price point. At $.50 a pound its a better proposition, but I have no idea what I would do with 50 pounds of the stuff.

Give me a day or two. Or three… I’m planning on buying the 50 lbs, but I’m also planning on sharing the wealth.


ooh ok hehe.

Listing says “.50 cents per pound,” not 50 cents… :smiley:



It is amazing what a person can do with scraps if they think about it. It wasn’t whether this then it was thicker leather actually scrap from a saddle maker Danner boots at Trader’s Village. I make my original star armor out of sma
ll pieces of heavy leather

Also I’ve seen what I would call hobo bags might from small pieces that were zig zag together and then had some sort of a fabric lining to keep the scrap from coming undone if I was still if I was still the real tempted to buy one of these then of course that’s why I have a storage building full of things I haven’t gotten around to using

Dang. I missed the ad. I’ll have to keep checking FB Marketplace. Wasn’t that in Garland?