SCP RPG Campaign - Who wants in?

I’m feeling like running a campaign; a while ago some friends and I made a system that was keyed off All Flesh to run the SCP universe. The rules are fairly light, and the mechanics are about 10 pages so it’s pretty easy to get into assuming you’ve done an RPG before.

Group would convene using Google Meet for the time being. You would need a standard 7 polyhedral die set, webcam/microphone on whatever you’re running Google Meet on, able to use Google Drive, and Discord (since I’ll send docs etc between games, and players can choose to chat privately with each other / the GM during sessions).

Familiarity with SCP lore is ideal but not required; this campaign should be able to be picked up by anyone already experienced with RPGs. If you’re not familiar with SCP already, here’s the wiki:


I would love to, because SCP is my jam, but I don’t have time right now.