Science Class Ideas?

Loved when mini-Tim licked the ice cream off his safety glasses. Wasn’t phased a bit.


Bravery in the direct line of fire! Nothing phased him except maybe vanilla.


I have a bunch of science class ppts on the science folder


What is resin SIG?

I thought we had a SIG for Resin under CA. even if it’s not a SIG it’s something a lot of people do.


fischer esterification of methyl salicylate, wintergreen oil? Uses cheap and easy-to-find chemicals

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I was actually looking into doing a test run for that next week some time. I think science already has everything for that but I need to check.

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I could help out, because i did a preparation of methyl salicylate at home that followed this video:

i also designed a procedure for isopropyl salicylate, which has its own unique smell.

Sure, I should be at DMS around 12pm on Sunday. I think we have everything we need but I am not 100% certain. I am also available on Tuesday any time if you would like to try then instead?

chemicals needed:
*salicylic acid
*98% sulfuric acid
*ice (for cooling condenser water)
*sodium bicarbonate

24/40 equipment needed (if we dont have something i can bring my own):
*250 mL round bottom flask
*crystalizing dish for water heating bath
*stirring hot plate
*stirbar that fits in a 250 mL flask
*water pump
*vinyl tubing
*separatory funnel
*simple distillation adapters
*two 50 mL round bottom flasks
*pH strips
*boiling chips

Sunday will not work for me. Maybe tuesday, i don’t get next week’s work schedule until sunday night

Okay, so how about this… I check to see what all we have on Sunday when I am there. Also on Sunday you can message me your work schedule for next week. We can then arrange a time and I can let you know if we are missing any equipment. Would that work for you?

Yea that works.

Also maybe we could have a few vials for ppl who take the class so they can take a sample home (like you said, ppl need to be interested enough to justify the class). It’s not safe for flavoring, but maybe you can use it to make fragrant candles for your house, what do you think about the safety of that?

methyl salicylate has a pleasant odor of root beer, mint lifesavers, wintergreen, christmas-y smell

I have a couple; in the lettered subcats are the applications

  1. Interferometry–tabletop Michelson
    a) Holography, making 3D pictures (taught this)
    b) Non-destructive testing, projecting holograms onto
    tested objects (taught this)
    c) precision measurement, this is the NIST Standard (done)
    d) Gravity Wave Detection (almost over my head, way over
    my budget)

  2. Exotic Materials
    a) Aerogel, how to make and use.
    b) Graphene, making and curing.
    c) Superconductors, YCBO manufacture and utilization
    (Josh led this, we followed)

  3. Rocketry/Aerospace
    a) We have an engine test stand with gas & ignition control,
    thrust measurement, and data telemetry. (in my shop)
    b) ROS–Robot Operating System, AI released from
    Stanford 2012 (@Denzuko is the whiz in this, we should
    drag him in)
    c) Carbon Fiber manufacture. This is a big deal. Cutting
    and connecting pre-made CF is just messy; laying and
    forming CF is a burgeoning industry. (I’ve cut CF and
    built, but never made it)


I can help with O chem projects…

I don’t know how difficult it Is to isolate DNA but I’ve always thought gel electrophoresis would be neat.

Hey Russell how did the 1a) and 1b) classes go?

How many of those ideas are under $100 per class? preferably under $50? Also preferably can be shortened to 3 hours or less?

I welcome any help you would like to give to help get some projects for classes going or teaching if you are up for it. I am preferably looking at things that are less than $50 per class to run, and under 3 hours. I could maybe squeak over $50 if the class would have enough interest that people might pay a class fee for materials.

I think @Josh_Melnick taught a class on this a while back?

There is even a relatively easy method of extracting DNA from strawberry, and you can see the strands with the naked eye. I was considering a class on this (a lot of things are under consideration, I just need to get some test runs going on my break).image

YES. There is a huge number of ppts on the Science folder list, of the many classes I created.

Yes, I have been through some of them. I am wanting to mix some old popular ones with some new stuff. It’s nice to have the power points.

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