Sawstop blinking green and red, won't turn on

Sawstop worked for an hour, suddenly wouldn’t turn on one time. Now blinking green and red.

The sawstop has been having issues since yesterday. I reached out to @got_tools and he is currently getting replacement parts from sawstop shipped in .

There is a key code on the side of the saw to determine translate the code. It can also be found here:

If the red/green are alternating, push the start/stop paddle in [this prevents the saw from starting when the switch is turned on].

It also might be an issue that @got_tools is fixing.

I waited 30 minutes, came back on without issue. No idea what actual problem was.

A new part has been ordered. This is an intermittent issue.

Blinking red and green light mean the paddle was in the on position with the power was turn on:

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That is correct. The real problem was related to blinking green, steady red - no blade rotation. After ~30 minutes, started working again, but don’t know root cause.

@bpj The root cause is the machine has an issue and is waiting for repair parts. If you try it and it works, then great. If it doesn’t turn on then it doesn’t work. There is no value in you posting on this issue again. Have a nice day.

@Team_Moderators please close this thread.

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Thread closed.

Post 8 has the definitive status for the saw stop per the chair.

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