Sawmill Tour/Demo In Plano - 9/25

Photography/videography is fine.


Please count me in.

I will be there!

I can’t wait to bring my boy this weekend…

I’ll be there with my son

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Would this be an appropriate field trip for my little granddaughters?

I don’t mind if you bring them if it’s something you think they would enjoy.

My granddaughters will not be attending.

What is the address? If I may ask, why is that such a secret?

I sent out a message to everyone on the RSVP list (you are included) with the address. It is my residence, so I prefer to not have it posted in a public forum because I don’t want people to be able to find it and show up unannounced and unexpected (which happens from time to time).


If anyone else is interested in attending this please message @Lloyd_Plum directly tonight. He will send you his personal address.

We will not be meeting at the space since it sounds like there’s not much interest in carpooling.

Meet at his personal property at 1:00PM.

Again this is a personal residence so please be respectful of that- parking will be on grass, don’t block in his neighbors, etc.

thanks all!


I’ll have to pass. Have fun folks.

Did not wake up today thinking I would be autocrossing the GT FOR the first time… but here I am.

Sorry, not going to be able to make the tour today.

Have fun and take pictures.

Apologies for the late notice, but I am not going to be able to make it today. Thank you so much for doing this, and hopefully if there is a next time I can be part of it.

Driving from Mansfield, traffic got the best of us. Running 10 mins late. Sorry!

@Lloyd_Plum Thank you very much for the sawmill tour and your hospitality. The bottled water was most appreciated. You have a very interesting setup and mill. If I catch a neighbor or someone taking down a tree I’m going to see if I can bring it to you or have you come and get it if you want it.

Once the word gets out that you are possibly interested in taking cut down trees and turning them into lumber I’m sure you probably get a lot of people contacting you.

Thanks again!!


Would you be open to hosting a tour for a small school group (private coop with only 8 kids)