Sawmill Tour/Demo In Plano - 9/25

I can do that, but do you think it would be better to do late afternoon in case it’s a hot and/or humid day? A 1pm start would put us at the hottest part of the day. Would a 4pm or 5pm start be better? I’m fine either way, but just something to think about.

I will meet you there. Grand kids have baseball and softball games.

Good for me

Unfortunately, there will only be a couple degrees difference between 1pm and 4-5pm. I’d be worried about butting up against the sunset if we started late afternoon (~7:15 for September 25th).


I’ve added a running RSVP list to the OP.


Well as it turns out I’ll have to be taken off the list. I was reminded today that I’ll be out of town at a conference that weekend :confused: If you do more in the future I’ll catch one then.

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I would like to join the tour

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Getting closer to this. Is there interest in carpooling or would members prefer to just meet at @Lloyd_Plum’s property?

@Lloyd_Plum I’m planning on going. Do you have an address you can share or did I miss it somewhere?

I will be driving myself, as the grandkids have ball games that day. I will need an address as well. Might be best to send via PM.

Sounds good! Final time and address, please?

I’m interested - I won’t know until the day of, so is it ok for me to RSVP yes? Thanks for doing this!

I will send my address via PM to everyone who as RSVPed middle of next week. If you need an approximate location it is just off of 75 and Legacy in Plano.


We’re going to do 1pm. I’ll send the address a couple days before.


Love to see the operation

Yay, there’s an In N Out Burger on the way on 75!

Here’s what I’ve got on the itinerary.

  1. Solar Kiln Overview
  2. Log Loading Arch Demonstration
  3. Slab Cut Mill Demonstration
  4. Dimensional Cut Demonstration
  5. Flat-Saw Free For All

For the Flat-Saw Free For All, I’ve got a number of log shorts (as shown in below picture) that I’ll flat-saw to your desired thickness for $50/log or $5/bdft if you don’t want a whole log. Species include bodark, live oak, red oak, cedar elm, plus more. Great for turners.

I’ll also have a deal or two on live-edge bundles and will have stock in my “Lincoln Pile” where everything is $5:


I want to be there. Odds are about 90% I can’t, but if you’re willing to include me in the reminder/address share, hopefully myself mas o menos won’t affect the party too adversely…

Will general photography/videography be acceptable? I have curious friends/family in other locals who would love some visuals in addition to my blathering on…

Thank you for doing this, whether I can attend or not!

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