Saw stop triggered again 12/4/18 [resolved]


I’m sorry for being a dumbass but i triggered the stop with my tape measure. I have it marked off. I am leaving town for work tomorrow so contact me by phone on however i need to compensate for this unforgivable offense. 405-509-4985.


Mistakes happen, if you’re still at the space, the Square Kiosk over near the sanding paper has an item for the Saw Stop on it.


It’s not a problem at all. There are replacement cartridges in the cabinet. Thank you for owning it so fast. That’s the only issue we’ve had in the past. I will pm you the code to the cabinet so you can put the replacement on if you’re still there, but I am on my way to the space right now so no worries if not.


Thank you for owning up to the mistake. How did your tape measure trip it?


I’ve replaced the cartridge, this can be marked as resolved!



Also, the sawstop has drawn FIRST BLOOD! :smile:


it was sitting on the side with the tape extended and i bumped it and it rotated into the blade.


Tape measures everywhere are surly giving thanks for the SawStop this very moment b