Sari silk ribbon?

Where can I find sari silk ribbon and macrame yarn in Dallas in?

I’ve seen skeins of sari silk YARN at hobby stores. I know hobby lobby had it. Not ribbon though. Of course you could get inexpensive sari fabric and rip/cut it

Macrame…if you don’t get and answer in Talk, there’s a couple of the fiber SIG folks that do macrame, one does quite a bit. If you are on FB, the group we communicate in is “Dallas Makerspace Fiberholics”. That’s beca good place to ask this question if you don’t get enough answers here

What’s your project gonna grow up to be? I’m curious

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Golden Dor had some, at least when we got married

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Yes, I think I’m looking for yarn not ribbon. I requested to join the fb group. Thank you

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Re actually interesting in yarn

In that case, you can buy it


We can teach you how to spin your own. :slight_smile: