Ryzen 5800x great pricing

$300 at Microcenter right now…


GPU’s are still unobtanium it seems.

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The Ryzen CPU with integrated GPU are pretty good for most users like the 5600G and 5700G. Discrete GPU are still… expensive to say the least. They’re available at the drop of a hat but not at reasonable prices. Which is better than it was a year ago where they simply weren’t available even for three times MSRP.

This CPU in particular is a great CPU and it was well worth the full price. At the discount price it’s ridiculous value.

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Managed to get two 2060-Supers last Dec. for $400 each directly from the manufacturer via waitlist. Two weeks later I accidentally stumbled upon the chance to buy a couple of GEForce 3080’s at $500 each at Microcenter in Dallas, and declined because I’d already gotten the 2060-Supers.

Still kicking myself.

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