Ryonet Contact for Riley Jr


I talked to Ryonet about the Riley Hopkins Jr 6-2. I talked to them about possible sponsorship of the new committee space. The gentleman I spoke to was upbeat about the idea. His name is Sebastian Furimsky. Here is his contact info.

He will be emailing me after the show and I’ll pass that information on. If you contact him then he said he can talk to their finance department and president about what they could do for us.




Did you see if they had a show special price? We’ve held a committee vote with an approved budget for no more than a specific price, if such a deal could be brokered.


@CaryF300 That’s awesome! Thank you!

We have a member that works for one reseller of print stations. @Kriskat30, what’s his name? RJ? He was at theNMB show. It would be great to get a competing bid.


Way to go Cary!

Also, happy cakeday.


They didn’t have a Jr. at the show. It was only newer models.