Ryobi one + drill impressions


Do they have a good selection of Ridgid? I’m an orange tool fan.


Ego just stacked more li-ion cells to hit their nominal 56V (most likely 15 cells in series at 3V minimum/3.6V nominal/4.2V peak per cell). For the kinds of work their product line is doing - sustained operation and/or significant loads - it makes sense to up the voltage so your current demands remain manageable.

NiCd systems topped out around ~18V because it took a 15 of them to hit that voltage at nominal 1.2V per cell. Funny how today’s top-end power tools are also topping out around that number despite their slimmer, lighter cells.

As much as Ryobi …

  • Brags about 100+ tool compatibility for One+
  • Keeps improving the One+ series of batteries - now on their 4th generation

… I doubt they’re about to drop the platform since that’s smartphone style ecosystem buy-in they’ve developed over the last ~decade that would be a shame to waste. Worst thing I see happening is newer tools being openly incompatible with the low-end pack-in cells - such as their airstrike nailers that are known to require the Lithium+ batteries - some new tools might be “HP” exclusive.

DeWalt’s FlexVolt is an interesting concept with a surprisingly simple party trick. At rest or inserted into a “20V” tool it’s a “20V” (18V nominal, just like Ryobi) 5S3P battery. Insert it into a “60V” tool and tabs on the interface actuate switches that transform it into a 15S "60V (54V nominal) battery. Watt-hours remain constant, but the “20V” form has treble the Ah of the “60V” form.


It has been a while since I’ve been by there so I can’t say…


If your looking in that price range.
These are good deals this time of year until about January.

Not brushless motor but in the price range.


Add a few more $$ and you get an impact driver too.


This one’s a brushless motor hammer drill.

If you’re looking to do more and need a third tool.
This brushless motor set comes with a free tool of your choice, and is the best deal(comes out to < $72 per tool).


The Ridgids have a lifetime service & parts warranty, including the batteries if it’s packaged with a tool set(with registration; need receipt from Home Depot to register).
If you buy the battery separate, it’s only a 3 year warranty on the batteries.


I think the next shift would be to the compact close to 12v sized tools with “full” 18/20V batteries. Milwaukee & Dewalt are starting to go that way. Makita has been at it for a few years with their <3 lb. 18V LXT line. Their black sub compact line is even smaller, but not quite as powerful.


Home Depot will sell you a drill, an impact driver, two batteries and a charger for $100. The price of the One+ tools is cheap enough that it’s easy to add more tools.



They have a decent selection but you can’t avail of the lifetime service and parts warranty without a Home Depot receipt that you need for registration.